Advanced Revit Scheduling

Super-charge your Revit schedules! | taught by Michael Kilkelly

Course description

If you've ever had to create and cross-check a door schedule manually, you know first hand how awesome Revit schedules really are. They can save you tons of time and are hands-down, one of the most powerful features in Revit. Schedules can do a lot more than just door schedules, however.

In this mini-course, we'll cover the various types of schedules available in Revit and when you should use each type. We'll also look at how to super-charge your schedules using calculated values and formulas. We'll discuss best practices for using formulas and review a cheat sheet I developed to help you utilize this powerful feature. Lastly, we'll look at how to create matrix schedules, which use symbols rather than text to represent schedule values.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the different types of schedules available in Revit and when to use each.
  • Learn how to use calculated values and formulas to super-charge your schedules
  • Understand how to apply conditional logic to make your schedules react to your BIM data.
  • Learn how to create matrix schedules as well as other schedule presentation tips and tricks.
Michael Kilkelly
Michael Kilkelly
Senior Instructor and Founder of ArchSmarter

Hi there! I'm Michael Kilkelly. I’m an architect, not a professional computer programmer. Learning to program has directly improved my quality of life. Since I can now automate tasks, I'm no longer staying up late doing tedious work in Revit. This has helped me produce better results in less time. If I can learn to program, so can you. Let me show you how!

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