Code vs Node

The Ultimate Revit Automation Smackdown! | taught by Michael Kilkelly

Course description

So you want to learn how to automate Revit. Great! But what method should you use? Do you try Dynamo, with its nodes and graphs? Or do you learn to write code and develop your own Revit macros or add-ins? The best method for you depends largely on what you want to accomplish.

This course will take an in-depth and entertaining look at code (Revit macros) versus node (Dynamo). We'll discuss the pros and cons for each method and look at the best approaches to learning Revit automation.

We'll then put Dynamo and Revit macros through a series of three automation challenges to see which performs best in these real-world scenarios. If you want to better understand how to automate Revit and aren't sure where to start, this is the class for you.

Join in to see who wins this ultimate smackdown!

Course Objectives

  • Learn the four different methods for automating repetitive tasks in Revit.
  • Understand the differences between visual programming and text-based programming.
  • Learn which programming method works best in specific, real-world situations.
  • Understand how to approach learning either programming method in a fast and effective manner.
Michael Kilkelly
Michael Kilkelly
Senior Instructor and Founder of ArchSmarter

Hi there! I'm Michael Kilkelly. I’m an architect, not a professional computer programmer. Learning to program has directly improved my quality of life. Since I can now automate tasks, I'm no longer staying up late doing tedious work in Revit. This has helped me produce better results in less time. If I can learn to program, so can you. Let me show you how!

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