Managing Building Data with Dynamo

Learn how to import and export your Revit data using Dynamo! | taught by Michael Kilkelly

Course description

Sometimes you need direct access to your Revit data. Schedules are super useful but they don't always work the way you need them to. Maybe you need to copy a value to multiple cells. Or you need to increment a range of values. Or you want to use more advanced formulas. Let's face it, sometimes you wish Revit schedules worked more like Excel.

Fortunately, it’s easy to link your Revit data to Excel. It’s even possible to edit your Revit model directly from Excel. Sounds pretty cool, right? This mini-course will show you how to use Dynamo to create a direct link to Excel. You'll learn how to export parameter data to Excel and import the updated data back into your Revit model. You'll even learn how you can modify your model directly from Excel.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how Revit structures data inside your model
  • Learn how to export parameter data to Excel with Dynamo
  • Learn how to import modified data from Excel back into Revit using Dynamo
  • Learn how to use key values to update specific family instances in your Revit model
Michael Kilkelly
Michael Kilkelly
Senior Instructor and Founder of ArchSmarter

Hi there! I'm Michael Kilkelly. I’m an architect, not a professional computer programmer. Learning to program has directly improved my quality of life. Since I can now automate tasks, I'm no longer staying up late doing tedious work in Revit. This has helped me produce better results in less time. If I can learn to program, so can you. Let me show you how!

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