Course Description

Senior Instructor and Founder of ArchSmarter

Michael Kilkelly

Hi there! I'm Michael Kilkelly. I founded ArchSmarter 2014 as a way to help other architects become more productive and get the best results out of their design software. I’m a native New Englander. I live and work in Middletown, CT. Prior to starting ArchSmarter, I was an Associate at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. I also worked for a number of design firms in the Boston area. I received my B.Arch from Norwich University and an SMArchS from MIT

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • How to access your resources

  2. 2
    • About the Macros

    • Download Macros

    • How to run a Revit Macro

  3. 3
    • Architect's Guide to Working Smarter

    • Revit Template Checklist

    • Write Your First Revit Macro

    • Path to Revit Mastery

  4. 4
    • Dynamo for Busy People

    • Revit++

  5. 5
    • 5 Essential Superpowers Every BIM Manager Needs

    • Cooking with Dynamo

    • Getting Started with Revit Macros

  6. 6
    • Contact me